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  • Baker likely to benefit from staying neutral, ‘played it beautifully’
    July 27 2015
    Outlet: Boston Herald Online

    Gov. Charlie Baker has repeatedly joked — and lamented — how Boston's selection as the U.S. bid city for the 2024 Olympics the day he was...
  • New England kelp reefs a thing of beauty
    July 27 2015
    Outlet: Monadnock Ledger-Transcript - Online

    Dr. Jarrett Byrnes, an assistant professor of biology at UMass Boston, spoke at one of the Summer Lyceum events, telling those in...
  • Rediscovering The Thrill Of George Balanchine’s New York City Ballet
    KALW, July 24 2015
    Professor of English Lloyd Schwartz says he is once again mesmerized by the New York City Ballet.
  • Employee, contractor — or something else entirely?
    San Francisco Chronicle, July 22 2015
    Francoise Carré, director of the Center for Social Policy at UMass Boston, says recent guidelines from the U.S. Department of Labor have lent some clarity to the differences between employees and individual contractors for tech startups in the service economy.
  • New HarborWalk section opens on Columbia Point
    Dorchester Reporter, July 22 2015
    A new section of the HarborWalk is now open for visitors on the Columbia Point peninsula. The 800-foot stretch of paved walkway — complemented by lighting, beaches, and other amenities— is situated on the UMass Boston campus between the JFK Library and the Harbor Point apartment community.
  • Bill Cosby’s Deposition Reads Like a Nightmare “Field Report” From the World’s Worst PUA
    Slate, July 20 2015
    Retired Professor of Psychology David Lisak is quoted in this article on a 2005 deposition in which Bill Cosby admitted to procuring drugs in order to have sex with women. Lisak has found that if you don't call their transgressions "rape," you can get alleged rapists to talk.
  • Candidates use social media to Link to voters
    Boston Herald, July 19 2015
    Werner Kunz, director of UMass Boston's Global Center for Digital Media and Innovative Services, comments on Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who announced his LinkedIn membership on Thursday. "It’s a really great move when it comes to connecting with voters," Kunz said.
  • Counter-protesters join kimono fray at MFA
    The Boston Globe, July 19 2015
    Paul Watanabe, director of UMass Boston's Institute for Asian American Studies, comments on the protests of the Museum of Fine Arts's “Kimono Wednesdays.” "I have talked to many people, including Japanese and Japanese-Americans, that didn’t find the event offensive on its face," Watanabe said.
  • Often a national leader, Massachusetts ranks near the bottom in government transparency
    The Boston Globe, July 18 2015
    Massachusetts ranked 49th out of 50 states in the time it took agencies to answer public records requests filed through news startup Muckrock. "Transparency tends to suffer when one party exercises such uniform control," said Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science Erin O'Brien.
  • Donald Trump says John McCain ‘not a hero’
    Boston Herald, July 18 2015
    Chair and Associate Professor of Political Science Erin O'Brien comments on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who this weekend said John McCain was a war hero only "because he was captured." Said O'Brien, “He is angering folks in the Republican Party that he doesn’t want to anger."
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