At UMass Boston, we are dedicated to rigorous, open critical inquiry, providing a gateway to intellectual discovery in all branches of knowledge, and a crucible for artistic expression.

Our faculty, research staff, and students foster imagination, creativity, and intellectual vitality. Responsive to the call of diverse disciplines, schools of thought, and public constituencies, we expect and welcome divergent views, thus honoring our shared commitment to expanding, creating, and disseminating knowledge.

► Inclusion and Social Development 
► Biomedical, Health, and Life Sciences
► STEM Teaching and Learning Research 
► Sustainability 
► Transnational, Community, and Cultural Studies 
► Developmental and Brain Sciences 

Why UMass Boston?

Chancellor J. Keith Motley celebrated UMass Boston's 50th anniversary at the UMass Boston Birthday Block Party on June 18, 1964 by signing a giant birthday card.

Birthday Block Party

The university community celebrated a key signing with some signing of its own.

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